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I am Stephanie Liskai, the owner/photographer behind Addi Kay Photography. I have been married to my supportive husband Matt for 6 years and we have two beautiful children together. My love for photography started at a young age, constantly taking pictures of everyone and everything I could. When I recieved my first DSLR, I knew I wanted to take my photography from hobby to profession. My love and obsession for this art has only grown stronger as I move forward with my business. I find capturing the beauty in each person and situation an exciting and unique challenge. My goal is to capture you and your family in the most beautiful way possible and highlight your unique and individual personalities and bonds as a family. Please contact me for all your portraiture needs! I also want to extend a HUGE thank you to my clients for allowing me to work with you and your families. It is an honor and a blessing to be doing what I love!

Oh my goodness…can it be?  Yesterday we actually hit 60!!!  (ok I did not intend to rhyme there sorry haha).  My kids were SO excited when I actually said the words “Let’s go play OUTSIDE” today…AND they didn’t have to bundle up in 50 layers with only their eyes peeking out!  My daughter was by far the most thrilled and she got some very rare alone time with mommy outdoors, so of course I brought the camera!  (Don’t worry I soon put it down to join in the fun, I mean what mom doesn’t love swinging, sliding, and trampolines???).

Now these images are by no means “artistic masterpieces” but I swore to myself this year I was going to capture more of our REAL lives with this wonderful professional tool I have, and why not share it with everyone?  I really love lifestyle photography… you know, capturing LIFE as it unfolds, not only as it is POSED and perfectly arranged.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan to stop photographing and working as I have been…but I do hope to start offering more lifestyle type sessions in the upcoming year!  Posed, arranged photographs of your family are wonderful and beautiful, and I will always offer them…but there is something very special about capturing people…ESPECIALLY CHILDREN… just being who they are and enjoying all life has to offer!

Seriously do you see those faces?  Those goofy…silly…, yet completely PERFECT faces my lil gal makes when she is just playing?  I adore them more than anything!

Note to self… try taking a shorter lens out next time for trampoline shots haha…hard to get a whole moving body into the frame with an 85mm and a net surrounding the space!  BUT I kind of love how she is falling out of one frame and leaping into another, such a fun day!

I really hope Spring is finally here to stay!  Another warm day ahead, so I plan to be out enjoying it and shooting!  Thanks for visiting!

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These days my daily life revolves around this little guy and carpooling his big siblings here, there, and everywhere!  While I often wish I had more time for photography sessions, I also realize they will only be little once!  I truly cherish the times we spend together and watching him grow and learn.  Today we were YET AGAIN stuck inside thanks to frigid weather (and um SNOW in March…ALMOST April!!), so we spent a LOT of time doing E’s new favorite activity… block tower building!

E also spent a lot of time keeping me on my toes (as usual) by constantly insisting on climbing onto my computer chair and beating on my keyboard while I freak out and race to the rescue! ;) .

Think he knows what he did was wrong?  Um yes…yes he does.  Does he care?  Not one bit!  Oh toddler times!  Sorry for the overload and duplicates, but I loved these shots in color AND black and white so you get to see both! ;) .

Now its time to pray for sunshine and start prepping for Addi’s 5 year session (her bday was in February but she wants “pitchers outsiiiiiide Mom!” ;) ).

Hope you all are staying warm and WISHING for SPRING like we are!

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Well its a new year!  2014 already!  Just a few short weeks ago my baby…my BABY…MY LAST BABY!!!!!  … turned one!  YIPES!  Why does that make me feel older just saying that (er..typing it?!?).  Easton is such a love bug and so silly and happy, he really lights up our lives!  I am planning to offer limited STUDIO session for babies, young children, and solo subjects…SOOO of course I decided to test my goods out on the baby!  Why not right?  Haha.  I am lucky no one was injured ;) .

My sweet pup decided to come enjoy the new set up (ie. the super soft new rug!) between shots!!!  Silly Harper!

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After doing mini sessions for so many other families, I of course thought we needed some of our 3 goofs!  I quickly remembered why I don’t often try to photograph them all together…without HELP!!  Haha… I got some fun shots, but not exactly what I was aiming for.  Next time I am calling in reinforcements!  My kids TOTALLY have major cases or PKS…. Photographer’s Kids Syndrome! ;)

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My first ever mini sessions and WOW they were a hit!!!  Thank you so much to all the families who chose me for their photos this year!  It was beautiful and sunny, but also quite chilly and windy, so thank you all for braving the cold and being such troopers!  Just goes to prove that no  matter the weather you CAN get beautiful images with the right angles and the proper know how!

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What warms your heart more than an AWESOME dad?  Seriously?  I’ve known this dad for quite a few years, and he is just one spectacular dad!  These kiddos ADORE him, and it was such a blast to hang with them!

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Wow.  Just WOW.  Ms. C. was drop dead gorgeous, sweet as can be, and crazy easy to photograph.  I simply couldn’t have asked for more in a senior client!  What a pleasure to meet and work with you Ms. C!  I think we got some SERIOUSLY great shots!

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Just when I think I can’t possibly find a more beautiful senior client, I get another!  Small towns…I am telling ya… we are raising these ladies right!  Smart, talented, kind, AND beautiful!  Ms. A. was such a trooper!  I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful gals big brother a couple years ago, and now its her turn!  There is no bigger compliment a photographer can get than repeat business!  You’d never know it was only about 55 degrees out and SUPER windy during her session, she made it WORK!  Thank you for such a lovely session Ms. A!

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I was SO excited to finally have my FIRST studio mini sessions this spring!  I am so thankful to the families who ventured out in what turned out to be a snowy and cold day, to help me get this year started off right!  From a family of 5 to a one year old baby… everyone looked amazing and we had such a GREAT time!  I am considering offering one more round of these mini sessions as I had a LOT of interest, but a lot of clients were busy this past weekend.  If you are interested in a polka dot/spring mini session please contact me ASAP so I can find a new date and get everyone’s time booked!

Here are a few shots of the 5 awesome families who I got to capture!  Thanks again for choosing Addi Kay!  Can’t wait to do some more studio work soon!

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I may have lost count of how many sessions I have done with this awesome awesome family.  One of my favorite groups to photograph as they are all so happy together and follow directions like CHAMPS!  (Yup even mom and dad!  hehe…).  I adore working with you guys, here’s to next year right?!?! ;)

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